Friday, 31 August 2012

A Low Powered Home

 As we draw near to completion of this project, to the final finishing touches before the results of the as built testing are in, there are still some important things to talk about. A truly energy efficient building should also be a low powered one. Throughout the house we have specified low energy lighting, even the lowest level under the code for sustainable homes requires that low energy lighting accounts for at least 75% of the total. It would also make sense that part of the overall effort to save energy should include the installation of low energy appliances and devices to at least an 'A' rating.
The solar heated hot water and central heating plant.

The internal fit out is fully underway.

The external finishes are almost complete.

The all important MVHR unit in the attic.

The almost complete north elevation.

The house is very nearly finished, next comes the as built testing.