Thursday, 13 September 2012

Was It All Worth It?

So now the as built testing has been done and the results of the SAP calculations are in, the proof of the pudding so to speak. The many hours of work from design, planning, and detailing through site preparation and construction are all but over, apart from a handful of finishing touches, but was it all worth it? Have we achieved the goals set out by the original brief to design and build an energy efficient home?

Below is a copy of the EPC for the house, the Energy Performance Certificate, produced by an approved assessor after taking in to account all the various elements of the build.

 As you can see from the above certification, we have achieved the highest energy performance rating possible against the overall potential of the new house, indeed the potential performance cannot really be any higher on the scale. To clarify, there is no justifiable improvement that could be made to the house in order to increase energy efficiency. The house also has very little impact on the environment, with both potential and actual CO2 emissions being low enough to achieve an equal score at the top end of an 'A' rating.