Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MVHR. Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery


At the heart of the MVHR system is a compact air handling unit that has a highly efficient heat exchanger within, the unit draws fresh air from outside which is heated by the thermal energy taken from the used air it extracts. When designed and installed correctly MVHR units are very quiet and should achieve a heat recovery of up to 95%. The efficient heat recovery of an MVHR system means that there is very little compromise of the buildings thermal envelope. While such systems do require energy to run, the amount of energy saved far outweighs what would otherwise be lost through a poorly insulated, ‘leaky’ construction.

Above & Below shows the flexible ducting for the MVHR installed between the floor joists.

The roof is battened ready for tiling as the first layer of render is applied to the exterior.

Ducting for the MVHR system is installed along with the other main services.

The layers of PIR insulation are fitted between the roof trusses and made air tight.

First floor decking is laid.

The first layer of external render is finished and tiling to the roof continues.

The lattice of the posi-joists allow for easy installation of service pipework and ducting.

The first floor studwork partitioning is erected.

The MVHR ducting is insulated before the voids are filled with mineral wool.

The second layer of external render has been applied and the roofing tiling is complete.

Painting of the external render begins.