Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Saving Your Water

Another aspect of creating an efficient home is water usage management. Within the home, water saving fittings can be installed such as low-flush or dual flush toilets and flow restricting shower heads. Efficient appliances such as washing machines that use less than 50litres per wash and dishwashers that use less than 15litres per wash can all be employed, even existing fittings can be modified or adapted to consume less water. Such  fittings within the home will reduce overall water usage and of course if properly metered will mean lower water bills. Another way to reduce mains water consumption is to install a means of rainwater harvesting. Many of us now have free standing water butts or in-line water butts, these collect rainwater that we can use to water our flower or vegetable patches without having to connect a hose to the mains supply. At the site in south Shropshire we have installed a 'Graf Platin 5000ltr Flat Tank' which was easily laid in a shallow excavation for connection to the storm drainage pipes.

Above: The 'Graf' 5000ltr tank on site before installation.

Rainwater will be filtered & stored within the tank, then pumped as required to a separate header tank as a non-potable supply to appliances and toilets. As the tank becomes full, excess water is drained via an overflow to an on-site soakaway for natural percolation into the ground.

Photo Update: South Facing Elevation with solar collector in place and connected.