Friday, 23 December 2011

The Brief

Following a telephone inquiry, we made contact with our clients and arranged to visit them to find out how we could help them. During the consultation it became clear that our clients wanted to demolish an existing property, and in its place build an energy efficient home that would at the very least meet or preferably exceed the mandatory standards set out by the code for sustainable homes. Our clients presented us with initial drawings of their proposed dwelling upon which we would base the final design. The overall footprint of the new house was to be 100m², and of a similar style to the existing house.

Given present awareness for the need to conserve energy and resources, and encouraged by the economical benefits that can be gained, a growing number of prospective clients are exploring the possibility of building new energy efficient homes. We at David R Davies (Consulting & Architectural Engineers)Ltd, and our associates at Ashvale Contracting Ltd are learning and gaining more experience everyday of how to best design and build the next generation of energy efficient houses. It is not only residential properties that we are helping to develop, every type of building can be designed and built to save energy, and function with less strain on resources.

  For this case study we will follow the development of our clients energy efficient home, to illustrate the process and highlight some of the technologies and methods we have employed in order to realize their dream.